Here’s the music video release for Sam Grab My Winchester so make sure to share it, subscribe, and like it:

You can purchase the song here:

Remaining tour dates:

8/20th-St. Louis, MO @ Cicero’s
8/21st-Chicago, IL @
8/22nd-Fort Wayne, IN @ CS3
8/23rd-Grand Rapids, MI @ Rocky’s Bar & Grill
8/26th-Louisville, KY @ the New Vintage
8/27th-Nashvile, TN @ the East Room
8/30th-San Antonio, Tx @ Limelight (at Glen Carbon, Illinois)

Had some troubles with the venue and the PA system so we had to play acoustic, but was nice despite of it! St. Louis on Wednesday at Cicero’s at 8:30pm be there!!

Photo credit: @xmckennapagex (at Californos)

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